Accomodations and travel tips


At arrival you might need to pay a visa if you haven’t done so beforehand. Taxis outside the airport will be able to take you to your hotel or hostal.

Hotel Presidente

The Hotel Presidente is centrally located and is the recommended hotel for the conference. The hotel requires you pay in cash. The currency you will use in Cuba is called the CUC and it’s close to the dollar in value. There is an exchange office at the hotel. The prices at the hotel last time we checked were:

  • Single rooms: 86 CUC
  • Double rooms: 130 CUC
  • Triple rooms: 185 CUC

(These prices include breakfast buffet)

To make reservations you can use their online reservation form.

Guest houses

Some Cubans offer rooms in their houses. This is a more affordable option. Prices range around 30 CUC a night. If you would like to arrange for this option, please email us.


We will plan dinners and lunches once in Cuba. To give you a sense of the prices, the Hotel Presidente charges 15 CUC for dinner and 12 CUC for lunch. We will provide a coffee service during the THATCamp.

Travel tips

During your travels in Cuba you will meet a range of hucksters and hustlers. Ask one of the local organizers if you have any questions about purchasing goodies. Though Havana is one of the safest cities in the world, we encourage you to consult with one of the organizers if you’re planning an outing. Outings can be tons of fun. During the INKE conference in December 2013, for example, we went to a baseball game and had a blast.

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