Tanisha C. Ford


I am a lover of music, dancing, and fashion! And, I’m also an assistant professor of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies at UMass-Amherst. I received my Ph.D. in U.S. and African diaspora history from Indiana University-Bloomington (USA) in 2011. My research interests are diverse and include black women’s history, African diaspora history, body politics and adornment, global youth cultures, and modern social movements. I am currently completing a book manuscript entitled Liberated Threads: Black Women and the Politics of Adornment. In addition to my written work, I have contributed to important public history projects: The Chicago History Museum’s Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair and a groundbreaking, London-based oral history project called Do You Remember Olive Morris?. Because so much of my work is visual, I am always looking for ways to engage with folks outside of the academy through digital platforms. I am an editorial collective member and writer for The Feminist Wire (thefeministwire.com). I’ve also been featured in several other online publications and blogs including Racialicious, Feministing, Vibe Vixen, Clutch, Bitch Media, Threadbared, and New Black Man. I would love to connect with others at THAT Camp Caribe who have similar interests. And, what better place to do so than Cuba, with its rich history and culture!

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