Oct 10

Session Proposals

Session proposals by Northeastern University’s NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks’ team: Elizabeth M. Dillon, Elizabeth Hopwood, Benjamin J. Doyle

  • Teach/Talk: Creating a Digital Humanities Center — a discussion about how to build an interdisciplinary digital humanities center.
  • Teach/Talk: Building the Early Caribbean Digital Archive — introducing folks to the ECDA and its digital archive/analytics lab, as well as the Omeka platform we are using.
  • Teach/Talk: Intro to TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) — this would be a combination of a short presentation on the TEI work being done with the Caribbean texts of the ECDA, in addition to a more hands-on lab using TEI / intro to text encoding)
  • Teach/Talk: Integrating DH into your teaching — this would walk folks through setting up a few easy to use but highly versatile DH tools that can contribute in exciting ways to both teaching practices and learning processes. These may include: Omeka, Voyant, WordPress, Twitter, Prezi
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